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Posted by Androu1 - March 18th, 2015

Death grips lyrics on dog lic

Posted by Androu1 - March 18th, 2015

this account truly is full of shit holy fucking fuck

i hate myself

its hilarious and depressing fuck


why did anyone ever like any of this shit

Posted by Androu1 - March 18th, 2015

I can't believe this account is still alive.

I want to slap my past self for the shit I've posted.

Posted by Androu1 - December 28th, 2010

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Posted by Androu1 - October 13th, 2010

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Posted by Androu1 - January 10th, 2010






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Posted by Androu1 - April 16th, 2009

You are gay.

Posted by Androu1 - February 11th, 2008

UPDATE 2: To everyone in the Pinnacle Studio team: I hope you get AIDS and your family dies in a fire.Also,I hope a big and fat gorilla rapes you.Thank you all for SUCKING TOTAL BALLS.I HOPE YOU ALL DIE!

UPDATE:Pinnacle is being even MORE fucktarded now.Enjoy another thing that I did while I try to fix it.Sonic says related :P

Hey people.Wazzap? Nothing? KTHXBAI...

Oh,I forgot to tell you people about what I'm up to :P

So,I will try to keep this as short as possible.I am making an Angry German Kid video.Yep,I'm editing it :P

In fact,it's already done...but since Pinnacle Studio 9 is a damn piece of shitware and it won't let me export the video...well,it does export it...has a blank 200mb file (T_T).

I don't need that shit.I may aswell do a angry german on my PC if it keeps failing like it's been doing lately.Well,anyway,the video is more "poop"-esque than other AGK videos.I did everything,from adding weird effects to adding some bit of ear rape.

The video itself,gave me da LOLs many times that I think it was worth making even if only for my own fun.Anyways,here is a list of what you guys will find in the video:

-Lot's of foul language (and I mean,LOTS!)
-Keyboard smashing with a VERY fitting music (Yes by Angerfist is the name)
-Typos in subtitles (LOTS of them for your enjoyment)
-YouTube poop style "video glitching".
-Angry Retardo Dance
-AGK fapping (LOL!)
-It sounds like he says what is on the subtitles many times.

Now,sit and wait while I rape Pinnacle Studio 9.I may see if that fix it.

Posted by Androu1 - December 5th, 2007


Posted by Androu1 - December 1st, 2007

UPDAIT!!! - So,all songs are uploaded.I will now proceed to upload other songs that I did in the meanwhile.One of them is like fucking awsome videogame loop that fucking pwnz j00,another one is a song which melody is done mainly with a HOVAR!!! (hoover) and a song that is so fucked up you will fell like I raped your childhood with it :P

Yay for Animal Xing remixes! YAY!!!

Well,this is the thing,I was bored and I wanted to pratice my skills.I just started to play Dobutsu No Mori (Animal Crossing in japanese and for the N64,lol) and I though that "K.K. Slider" music is pretty cool (mainly the Airchecks!) so I decided to remix his song for fun and pratice.Oh,and no,I didn't buy Dobutsu No Mori...NO WAY I WILL BUY A GAME THAT IS NOT EVEN ENGLISH!!!
I will get A Wii,tho,so I will get Animal Crossing for GameCube,since you know Wii plays GameCube,lolzers.
Oh,and I already made all the remixes,I only have to upload them (I said I was gonna do it like that in another news post about this)

Here is the tracklist for the god damned "album" called Animal Xing,featuring ONLY remixes of songs found on the Animal Crossing game :P

1)Go K.K. Rider (8Bit Remix)
2)K.K. Western (Remember Remix)
3)Only Me (Think About Me Remix)
4)K.K. Country (Wild Horses Remix)
5)K.K. Condor (Damned Remix)
6)K.K. Ballad (Variated Remix)
7)Go K.K. Rider (WTF Remix)*
8)K.K. Love Song (Don't Hate Remix)

* I love this remix! This is just so damned different to the original that it fells more like a original song than a remix.Be prepared to hear a longer melody,a Hoover and hardcore drums on this one!!!! Plus a l33t synth bass!